keskiviikko 25. huhtikuuta 2012

Miten se tulevaisuus?

The futureKiitos Kaisa Vähähyyppä! Twiittisi innosti minut lukemaan tämän tosi mielenkiintoisen jutun 8 Visionaries on How They Spot the Future Wired:stä

Miten hamuilen tulkevaisuutta:

  1. Mitä fiksut lapset tekevät - juuri nyt!
  2. Paras tapa ennustaa tulevaisuutta on keksiä se itse
  3. Älä ole futuristi, ole nykyisti.

Omat poimintani niistä näkökulmista, miten tulevaisuutta voi hamuilla. Lihavoinnit ja kursiivit minun:

  • Or what about "In 50 years, the US flag will still have 50 stars"? So why would you assume continuity for the next 50 years? - Juan Enriques
  • Any time you approach something as an outsider, you're able to see what people who are familiar with it can't. - Esther Dyson
  • I like Alan Kay's comment "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." -Vint Cerf
  • I don't really think I spot the future; I spot the things in the present that tell us something about the future. I look for interesting people. I find the cool kids and then say, what are they doing? -Tim O'Reilly
  • But now we don't have to invest in ideas anymore; now I invest in live URLs and apps that I can download. ... In a world of people who've got stock options, there isn't a difference between a $80 thing and a $110 thing, but for real people working hourly wages, there is a huge difference. -Chriss Sacca
  • By being agile and having your antennas out, you can react when you see the trend starting, rather than relying on these multiyear, multimillion-dollar analyses on the future of X. Instead of being a futurist, you want to be a nowist. -Joi Ito
  • Another way to anticipate change is to watch where scientific talent is heading. -Peter Schwartz

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